The Enviro Loo – a universal solution

  • The Enviro Loo is an applicable solution for both developed and developed nations. As a fully environmental certified solution, that has both urban and rural applications it has been installed in a number of countries and for a number of uses from private residential homes to hotels, from schools and clinics to larger township and community installations.
  • It is the perfect solution for all developing countries that are struggling with the sanitation crisis as it is cost effective, easily installed and places no stress on the environments in which it is installed.
  • The world made a promise in 2000 with the Millennium Development Goals. The Enviro Loo is an ideal solution to tackle these goals and make inroads in addressing the sanitation crisis, which will deliver quantifiable health, mortality, gender equity, education and economic benefits.
  • The sanitation crisis is predominantly a developing world issue, however water scarcity, increasing urbanisation, growing population and resultant demand for food is a global issue – the Enviro Loo is a global solution.
  • The Enviro Loo is a solution for current and future world issues – for both developing and developed nations – and visionary leaders need to be addressing future concerns now to ensure the situation does not become catastrophic.

Benefits and advantages

There are considerable advantages of the Enviro Loo over other dry sanitation systems. Alternative solutions cannot deliver a number of benefits that Enviro Loo can. These benefits should be non-negotiable for all systems. Enviro Loo benefits and characteristics:

  • Odourless

  • Minimum maintenance and servicing costs

  • Non-polluting zero discharge system

  • Long term sustainable solution – life span in excess of 50 years

  • Once off capital investment

  • Conserves water resources

  • No chemicals used

  • Permanent installation, no relocation

  • No expensive reticulation and sewage treatment plant required