The Enviro Loo is an on-site, dry sanitation toilet system that functions without water or chemicals. It is designed for the benefit of all communities, and can be installed almost anywhere. It is an effective-solution to the numerous sanitation challenges facing the world.

Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the Enviro Loo first went into production in 1993.  Invented by Dr Brian La Trobe, as a convenient, economical, and safe (environmental and health) solution to the mounting worldwide water and pollution challenges.  An off-the-grid, waterless toilet system, the Enviro Loo has evolved into the multi award winning toilet system that it is today.


And more recently after a successful evaluation of the 100% recycling and flushing Clear system, Enviro Loo has commenced the local manufacture and installation of the Enviro Loo Clear Sanitation Treatment Plant. This system is a worthy new addition to the Enviro Loo range of quality products.


Customer focused

We understand that each of our customers have differing needs and we will provide them with quality products and services that are appropriate to their needs, on time and to requested specifications


We appreciate and celebrate the diversity of cultures and religions and will ensure we provide sanitation solutions that meet all cultural and religious requirements

We are committed to promoting the right of every person to have access to sanitation facilities so all people can live in dignity

We will be courteous and considerate to everyone at all times


We will listen to our customers and colleagues and demonstrate understanding by offering practical solutions and appropriate responses timeously

We will share information, encourage open dialogue and bring together all parties that share our vision


  • To continually develop innovative sanitation solutions that provide social and environmental benefits for individuals and communities
  • To support public and private education campaigns that raise sanitation to the top of all socio-economic development agendas
  • To promote the basic human right of every person to live an hygienic, healthy and happy life through access to sanitation facilities
  • To supply affordable, sustainable and all-in-one assembly toilet systems to address both the lack of facilities, and associated environmental and social inhibitors facing rural and urban populations


  • To bring forward the day when every person has access to sustainable sanitation facilities.


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